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Should you be in distress and need to speak to someone immediately, please contact the Samaritans on 116 123, they are available any time, day or night and offer a free service


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Covid-19 update

Thank you for contacting the Inner City Centre Referral Service. The Referral Service at the ICC wanted to let you know that our low fee vacancies are limited at the present time caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic and the high volume of enquiries concerning low fee therapy due to economic consequences.

We have adapted our service at the Inner City Centre (ICC) to reflect the guidelines produced by the Government concerning the Coronavirus Pandemic. Please feel free to contact us concerning your request for psychotherapy and our Referral Therapists will consider your needs carefully. If you are referred to an ICC therapist, therapy sessions will be offered to you via an online medium or there are some ICC therapists that can offer in person therapy, however, these vacancies are limited. All government guidelines concerning distancing and hygiene will be followed when offering in person therapy.

We are regularly reviewing our referral service and will post further information in due course. Please do not hesitate in contacting our referral therapists for further information.

ICC Referral Team

Seeking help?
When psychological help is needed, it can be difficult to know where to start.  The ICC is a network of London-wide psychotherapists trained to work with individuals and with groups of individuals.
Therapy via the ICC is based on psychoanalytic or psychodynamic, approaches to psychological problems.  Put simply, our approach recognises the influence of our past in our present, and the importance of the unconscious processes in our lives.  Understanding these dynamics can help unlock conflicts, repeating patterns and address symptoms which cause difficulties including depression, anxiety, distress and disappointment. 
This form of therapy is usually at a frequency of once a week, with more sessions weekly if needed, subject to discussion and agreement with the ICC therapist you may see. 
We recognise that, for some, affordability is a key issue.  As a charity, the ICC  has limited opportunities for affordable-cost psychotherapy.  Vacancies for this therapy is only available during the day-time.

First Step:
Send your initial enquiry to our referral service by e-mail to: You will then receive an automatic acknowledgement.  Our referral psychotherapist will respond by email, as soon as possible, to arrange to speak with you by phone.  There is an option to discuss with the referral therapist the option of group therapy. During this call, we can discuss and understand the help you need.This enables us to ensure that psychotherapy seems the most suitable form of help for you.  If it is not, our referral psychotherapist will discuss alternative sources of assistance with you.

Accessing a therapist:
If psychotherapy is indicated, our referral psychotherapist will seek to match you with one of our therapists.  It will be easier to arrange a match if you can be as flexible as possible about your availability for therapy.
Finding a suitable therapist for you, with times that match your availability, can take some time.  But we know how important it is for you to engage with help, and we do our best to put you in touch with a therapist as soon as we can.
Our referral psychotherapist will contact you once a therapist able to match your requirements has been located.  If we are unable to place you, we will keep you informed and offer advice on alternative sources of help, if necessary.
At times, it may be necessary to arrange an assessment meeting with an ICC  therapist to discuss your request for psychotherapy in more detail. This is an opportunity to ensure that the form of individual, or group, psychotherapy the ICC offers is suitable for you.  If our form of therapy is suitable, referral to an ICC therapist will follow  this assessment meeting.

What happens next?
Once a suitable vacancy has been found, you will be given the name and contact number of the ICC therapist we have arranged for you.  We ask you to  call the therapist in order to agree a mutually convenient time for your initial meeting together.
This vacancy will be held open for you for 2 weeks to give you time to contact the therapist.  Due to the limited number of all of our vacancies – and the high demand for ICC psychotherapy – it is important that you make contact with the therapist within this 2 week period.  We cannot guarantee that the vacancy will remain available for you after this period.

The ICC is a charity which aims to provide high quality and accessible psychotherapy, both individual and group. We charge an administration fee if after a brief telephone conversation with one of our referral therapists we agree that this will be an appropriate service for you, and we will be aiming to find you a therapist. If an assessment session is either requested or felt appropriate before we proceed we will discuss the cost with you.

The administrative fee is £50 for those able to pay a full fee, and £25 for those seeking one of our reduced fee places. There are limited places in the reduced fee service and these are only available to those on low incomes.
Fees for on going therapy will be discussed and agreed between you and your therapist, though they will have some awareness of your financial circumstances

Engaging with psychotherapy requires a commitment of time and money.  Fees for continuing psychotherapy are agreed with your therapist during the initial meetings.  The referral psychotherapist will be able to give you some indication of the fees, but the final agreement is made between you and your therapist.
Should an assessment meeting be necessary prior to proceeding to therapy, the fee for this meeting will take account of whether you have applied for our more affordable therapy vacancy, and will be discussed with you.

Need urgent help?
The ICC is not a crisis or emergency service, and our process necessarily takes time and care.  Should you feel you need urgent assistance, we encourage you to consult your GP.  It may also be helpful to telephone The Samaritans listening service on their free number – 116 123.  You may also find it helpful to consult The Samaritan’s website.  If you are unable to make contact with your GP, and feel that you are in imminent risk of self-harm, we advise you to seek help from your nearest hospital’s accident and emergency department.


We are keen to develop further relationships with professionals and reputable organisations which provide advice or counselling/advice services and which are looking to refer people for further assistance. To find out more about the services we offer please call us on 020 7247 1589.

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The ICC welcomes enquiries from the media and can provide media professionals with a quick and authoritative response.

Please call us on 020 7247 1589  or you can email


In order to help you find therapy we have to gather personal information about you. The GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, determines how we handle that information, and we have appointed a Data Protection Officer to oversee our compliance with it. For more details see our Data Protection Policy – click here.

You are entitled to see a copy of the information we have about you. if you want to see your information (a subject access request), or if you believe your information has been leaked (an unauthorised disclosure), or if you have any questions please contact the Data Protection Officer by emailing us at


Any complaint by a patient is a serious matter, and will be dealt with by a senior member of the ICC’s management body.

All ICC therapists are required to observe the ethical code and other regulatory requirements of their member institution and of their registering body – the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) or the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). However, if a problem arises that cannot be resolved between you and your therapist, please get in touch with us.

In the first instance you can send an email to the Administrator at You don’t need to go into detail in the email, just say briefly what the problem is about and we will get back to you, on the phone if you leave a phone number.


Please write to:
The Administrator
Inner City Centre
St Margaret’s House
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