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All our members are professionally qualified and experienced in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, or group psychotherapy. Our psychotherapists are registered to practice with either the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) or with the College of Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis (CPJA) section of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

ICC therapists work either from our consulting room near the City, or from their own premises throughout London.  Many are able to offer specialist knowledge in areas such as:  relationships, eating disorders, psychosomatic illness, race and cultural issues, parenting, anxiety and many more. Some ICC therapists can offer psychotherapy in languages other than English.

Our ethos is to maintain high standards of clinical practice whilst providing a reliable, responsible and accessible psychotherapy service to the public. To this end, our referrals service is as straightforward as possible with the opportunity to speak directly to a therapist from the first contact.


The ICC offers a range of treatments and services.

One of the ways human beings avoid painful and difficult experiences, particularly in early life, is to put them out of our minds. However, they continue to exert an influence on how we see the outside world and on how we live our lives.

Psychoanalytic or psychodynamic psychotherapy is a process by which we can gradually come to understand more about these experiences and the effect they continue to have on our feelings and behaviour.

Group psychotherapy offers a supportive atmosphere in which members can address a wide range of personal and relationship issues, drawing on the opportunity to see oneself through the eyes of others, and to address interpersonal issues as they arise in the developing relationships within the group.

We offer a private and confidential space in which new ways of resolving old conflicts can be found and change gradually achieved.

We welcome people from all backgrounds and orientations.

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The ICC aims to provide a safe, effective, clinical service. Members of the ICC are expected to maintain the highest standards of proficiency, performance and professional conduct. All our members adhere to the Code of Ethics of their training organisation and either those of the BPC or the UKCP.

We have explicit policies for Equal Opportunities, Data Protection, and Complaints. For more information click here.