When Psychotherapy Can Help

People come to us because of many kinds of problems and difficulties in living. Usually they know or suspect that these are emotional or psychological in origin. These are some of the things that can indicate psychological distress and some of the events that can trigger this.

• Depression, not coping well
• Mood swings, irritability, frequent loss of temper
• Work or educational difficulties, lack of progress
• Stress or conflict at work
• Bereavement, other loss or a major life change
• Difficulties in conceiving, miscarriage, pregnancy, abortion
• Anxiety, panic attacks, lack of concentration
• Addictive or compulsive behaviour
• Difficulties with relationships
• Loneliness
• Sexual problems
• Eating disorders
• Poor sleeping patterns, can’t relax, nightmares
• Physical symptoms with no apparent organic cause, digestive and skin disorders
• Lack of confidence, shyness
• Inability to be playful or creative.

Therapy can help people feel more in charge of themselves and able to make choices, less engaged in internal conflict and more able to lead a contented and productive life. It can help to reduce symptoms and alleviate distress. This includes people who feel that they are not making the most of their lives, who want to change long-standing patterns, to become more themselves, as well as those with serious psychological disorders.