Brief Therapy

Some ICC therapists offer time-limited psychotherapy to people who wish to focus on specific issues or aspects of their lives which are causing difficulties.

An initial consultation is usually offered and is helpful in identifying and articulating what the issues might be, how long might be needed, and to set the therapy goals.

The number of sessions is arranged at the outset and can range from between 8 weekly sessions up to 40 sessions.

Psychoanalytic principles underpin the therapy but with more of a focus on the issues identified and the goals set. The therapist is likely to be more active in the sessions, holding to the focus and attending to the here-and-now interactions.

Time-limited therapy can help most where the problem can be identified and expressed clearly. It has been shown to be helpful in cases of depression, or where there are relationship problems, difficult situations at work, some sexual problems, or where help is needed to clarify and make difficult decisions.