ICC at the Waterloo Festival

War Trauma – a panel discussion on 27th June 2014, chaired by Giles Fraser.

The Inner City Centre – a London-wide network of psychotherapists committed to the provision of low-cost psychotherapy – has been chosen as one of the charities to be supported by this year’s Waterloo Festival at St. John’s. The Festival theme is War and the World 1914, and the Inner City Centre is hosting a panel discussion on the topic of War Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), highlighting the contributions of military psychiatrist W.H.R. Rivers, Freud, and neurological research to the treatment of war trauma and prolonged traumatic stress (details below). The symptoms of war trauma – recognisable in Falklands War veterans, soldiers returning from the Iraq War and the frontline in Afghanistan – are now understood to be the same as in adults who have suffered violent abuse in childhood, or those who have experienced war and terror in their communities.

Our patron, Canon Giles Fraser, will chair a discussion led by Dr Felicity de Zulueta (psychiatrist and psychotherapist, who established the Trauma Unit at the Maudsley Hospital, working with refugees and people who suffered violence and sexual abuse) and Ben Shephard (historian and author of War of Nerves (2000), The Long Road Home; the aftermath of the Second World War (2010), among other works. He is currently writing a book which includes the life and work of W.H.R. Rivers, to be published later this year.)

The Inner City Centre is fundraising for its newly-established Gillian Parker Clinic, which provides low-cost psychotherapy for Londoners who are unable to access the very limited treatment available within the NHS, and cannot afford the fees charged by psychotherapists in the private sector.