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To make an enquiry about therapy

You can telephone the Referral Therapist on: 020 7247 1589.

If the therapist is not available to answer your call, there is an answering machine. We will get back to you within five working days (except during holiday periods).
Alternatively you can email You will get an initial automatic reply - if you don't please phone the Referral Therapist.

Third party referrals

We are keen to develop further relationships with professionals and reputable organisations which provide advice or counselling/advice services and which are looking to refer people for further assistance. To find out more about the services we offer please call us on 020 7247 1589.

Alternatively, you can email

General enquiries

Including membership, fundraising, editorial, events, or to join our mailing list. Please email us

Media enquiries

The ICC welcomes enquiries from the media and can provide media professionals with a quick and authoritative response. Please call us on 020 7247 1589 or you can email us on

Data Protection

In order to help you find therapy we have to gather personal information about you. The GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, determines how we handle that information, and we have appointed a Data Protection Officer to oversee our compliance with it. For more details see our Data Protection Policy – click here.

You are entitled to see a copy of the information we have about you. if you want to see your information (a subject access request), or if you believe your information has been leaked (an unauthorised disclosure), or if you have any questions please contact the Data Protection Officer by emailing us at


Any complaint by a patient is a serious matter, and will be dealt with by a senior member of the ICC’s management body.

All ICC therapists are required to observe the ethical code and other regulatory requirements of their member institution and of their registering body - the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) or the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). However, if a problem arises that cannot be resolved between you and your therapist, please get in touch with us.

In the first instance you can send an email to the Administrator at You don't need to go into detail in the email, just say briefly what the problem is about and we will get back to you, on the phone if you leave a phone number.

To get in touch by post

Please write to:
The Administrator
Inner City Centre
21 Old Ford Road
London E2 9PL

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