On this site we try to answer questions about psychotherapy and about the ICC.

Who we are

For over 30 years the Inner City Centre has been providing accessible, professional, psychotherapy in London.

We have two consulting rooms in the City of London and our 40+ qualified psychotherapists also cover most other areas of London.

Our referral service is committed to finding therapists for those who approach us looking for help. As a registered charity, we want to make good quality psychotherapy as widely accessible as possible. We therefore operate a sliding scale of fees, and all of our therapists do some low fee work.

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How can we help?

Many people have difficulties in their lives which can be helped by psychotherapy. The Inner City Centre provides psychoanalytic psychotherapy individually and in couples or groups. We can also offer organisational consultancy.

We have a rapid-response system and can offer fast referral to one of our therapists as we have no waiting list.

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Referral information

If you want to make an appointment, or talk through the possibilities, you can speak to a therapist by calling 020 7247 1589, or go to Clinical Services & Referrals.

Talks and conferences


11.00 am to 1.00 pm Saturday 28 January 2017, The Watershed, Bristol

Inflammatory Projective Identification, Otherness, and The Formation of a Precariat

The Bridge Foundation's Bob Gosling Memorial Lecture from David Morgan, consultant psychotherapist and psychoanalyst (including at the Tavistock clinic), chaired by Emily Ryan (psychotherapist, Bridge counselling, human rights campaigning and community development)

£25 or £15 unwaged, incl refreshments

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Psychodynamic psychotherapists

We are recruiting a limited number of psychodynamic psychotherapists as part of a pilot project to expand our membership, particularly in South and East London.

Further information here and instructions for applications here.

You can get in touch with us about psychotherapy by email, phone 020 7247 1589, or go to: Contact Us